Birkeland On Denman

Mini-adventures on Denman Island; one of the northern gulf islands on the west coast of British Columbia, situated between Hornby Island and Baynes Sound. This site is intended for relatives, friends, and voyeurs who are interested in monitoring our alternate lifestyle. Updates are now done on a rather sporadic basis; I'm becoming increasingly lethargic and irresponsible.

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Update on September 20, 2015.

Rudy and Anne's house now has new owners and a little landscaping maintenance is underway.
Anne had been very protective of a small pine tree beside the house. About 20 years ago when it had been badly damaged in a wind storm she strongly refused my suggestion to remove it. I cut off the limbs that had split from the tree and expected the crippled shrub to eventually die. But it recovered, regenerated new leading trunks, and grew into a threatening monster.

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Wild Bill, our local tree topper, was called in last Tuesday to handle the dilemma. For three days we were entertained by the music of harmonized chain saws as Bill and his assistant reduced the overgrown trees to cord-wood. Even when I went over to watch the progress I couldn't comprehend how he could avoid hitting the house with those leaning trunks and their hovering limbs. But with ropes and leverage he handled it perfectly.

Now there's just logs and branches left to handle. And a nasty blackberry thicket, some rampant English ivy, wide spread "Creeping Charlie" as well as fruit trees and grape vines that need tending.
Good luck and welcome to the neighbourhood.

[click to enlarge]There hasn't been much excitement over on our side of the street. During the rain showers I spent about 4 hours with a nutcracker opening hazelnuts. (Actually I used a Vice-Grip pliers). Marit has worked many evenings on our harvest of nuts and by my estimate we have only another 27 hours of work left. We`re now questioning the sanity of roasting the rest.

[click to enlarge] During a break between showers I wandered outside and took these three photos. They're the same pictures you've seen many times before from different angles and in different seasons. And I decided to admit a fact that I've recognized earlier; this site is becoming stale.

When I first started this website over 15 years ago, it was fun and exciting. It was a step above e-mail; it was a way to keep family, friends, and acquaintances informed on our activities. There were no "blog" sites, in fact the word "blog" hadn't been invented. This site was, and still is, coded in raw HTML, not WordPress or any package. Today the internet is a world that's completely different. Blogs are passe. Facebook and similar systems are keeping people linked and updated in real time. And cell phones keep younger people in constant communication.

I, and this site, are once again a dinosaur.

[click to enlarge]So! I don't intend to continue with this effort. There are better ways to keep in touch. Marit is now fluent in Facebook. Maybe I'll eventually join that community.
Maybe I'll occasionally update this site if I have something significant to contribute.
But for now, these last three photos will be left in legacy and I'll just sign off by saying thanks for reading my ramblings and perhaps we'll contact in some way in the future.

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